Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29/12/09. Finally it comes.

Unlike last semester, I didn't really spend my great partial of holiday worrying my result, though it won't be marvelously done anyway. LOL

7 more beautiful days to continue my holidays. 1 more day to select my subjects that are to be taken next semester.

Oh ya, next semester I'll be taking Physics II, Chemistry II, Calculus and Moral Studies.

I memang pray hard that I won't be having class on Friday, as usual.

Guess what?

Friday blues~ for me la-~

The best would definitely be having class in 3 days a week.


And for the 3 main subjects I take, there will be only 1 presentation~!

Moral I don't know.

woot woot woot. Started to get nervous already. LOL.

Pray Pray Pray~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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