Monday, December 21, 2009

Yesterday I went to UCSI open day together with Chee Kong, Yeong Sin and Giap.

It was kind of far to me though the way to there is exactly same as HELP just that I don't have to turn into Bandar Sri Damansara but all the way straight to Cheras.

I thought will be a great disappointment for me, but in fact, it wasn't.

The UCSI's counselor told me that I DON'T have to take their compulsory foundation's subject and I can straight away enter their degree year 1 for chemical engineering next year after I complete my foundation study.

By the way, UCSI's facilities were NOT BAD for me, I THINK.

I had been claiming that I'm from HELP to that counselor all the time as I was really scared that UCSI won't accept students from HELP. I did ask him whether there's a need for me to take the compulsory subjects such as business and accounting too.

And now, a conflict comes.

My friend was told that he has to take compulsory subjects there before he enters degree whereas me NO.

The counselor told me that business and accounting are for business student. Since I'm going to study science that wouldn't be a problem to me.

But sigh. I forgot the most important thing, i.e I don't do biology.

It is a compulsory subject for UCSI's foundation student, but not HELP.

Instead of giving the examples such as business and accounting, I should have given him examples like biology, trigonometry.

I'm quite of worried now. 2 distinct answers from 2 counselors.


After that, we went to 1 Utama, from 2.xxpm till 10.xxpm and the ticket fees was about RM7 I think.

We intended to shop actually. But nothing much were being held on hand when we went back. lol

For our breakfast, or better to be said as brunch for me, we went to TGI Friday.

It was my very very first time to have my meal at Friday.

Then we ordered 4 sets of course meal.

The waiter was kind of shocked. 'You guys order so much food?', his face told me.

This was our appetizer for our meal yesterday. Guess what?

I ate 3 of them then couldn't eat anymore.

Inside it was full of cheezy pasta and you'll be freaking full if you eat 3.


We wasted most of the food in the end. We should have shared the food. --

And we ended up with taking all those 'MY BABY' pictures instead of shopping frantically. Oh My God~

Quite adorable huh? ~

By the way,
Choir~ I didn't listen to what they sang actually but just took the photo for fun.

Then we had our dinner at our usual restaurant. Nandos~

Still, we were full and just ordered 1/4 chicken.

And I did buy my crayon shinchan which I desire so much~ wee~
Oh ya, for couple right, I think 1Utama top parking floor is quite a romantic venue to have a date on. ~

Not bad huh? The scenery there was quite spectacular and you can see the whole view of Damansara there.

That's all for 1Utama.

Saving money for New Year's Sales~ !

I started to consume this product yesterday. It's liquid chlorophyII.

It wasn't that bitter as I thought.

Just the problem my 'outcome' was green in colour as well.


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