Saturday, December 19, 2009

MAMA'S friends~

I have noticed 1 thing.

It's MAMA's friends.

Why do I say so?

Have you ever felt like your mum will firmly reject your every single perception or graciously accept your begging just because of what her friends say?

By the way, they are what we so called '3 aunty 6 nenek'.

Guess what?

I told me mum that I wanna go for actuarial science last time.

Then her friends told her,' wah, very hard to study one wor? But can earn many many money la.'

Then my mum told me, 'my friend said very hard to study one wor, though can earn many money.'

Today my mum asked me, 'What you want to study ah? Engineering right?'

I... 'Ya...'

My mum,' My friend said hor, boys better study engineering. Brighter future wor. At least better than those study business one. Business is prepared for girls.'

I was.... You know how I felt that time right?

Can't you be more determined and not genderist? zz

Moreover just now she sounded like allowing me to go Ipoh to pursue my degree there wor.

Anyway, as said by last last post, UTP already BOMB BOMB POW.

How sad it is. Our futures are neither controlled by our parents nor our hands, but our parents' friends.


I received a message from Kah Chun via msn saying that UCSI requires us to take part of their foundation compulsory subjects before we enroll into their degree program.

So does that mean that I have to re-study foundation?

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously pray hard, hoping that it's a NO!

But if they allow me to finish the compulsory subjects right there in 1 semester, yes, I'll go for it.

But if whole foundation?


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