Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I woke up at 2pm something and received messages from Shyuan May and Giap saying that results are now out.


I was quite relief that I didn't kena stroke lo. haha

Can you imagine after you wake up then there are messages telling you that results are now out?

LOL. Seriously I need some preparations. Psychological preparations. LOL!

The result was so irresistible to me.

But then I decided not to look at my result first but to log in facebook to see everybody's reaction.

Everybody was ok ok except that Aaron. LOL. He was kinda happy? Nop. High with his result. LOL! =) ahaha

Anyway, it's time to get nervous.

You wouldn't know how many butterflies inside my stomach this afternoon.

Plus I did not have my brunch, more spaces for butterflies to fly in. --

And as usual...

When I clicked in that page, I used a book to cover it. Like what I did when revealing my spm's result.

First, Chemistry, then Critical Thinking skill.

Toke a deeeeeeep breath......... huuuuuuuu............. hah....................

Advanced English.........................................

Then what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, I guess you guys might have some thoughts about my result right now.

Anyhow, I'm not telling.

Basically it's ok lah. LOL. What a great way to comfort myself by telling myself it's ok. --

Anyway, I'm ok with it, though it's out of what I expected.

Hats off to those who scored well! Give a BIG BIG applause to yourself~ Sounds so childish. LOL

For those who didn't score well. Ala, foundation saja ma, 1 more semester to go saja ma. woot woot.

And for me, instead of going somewhere to release my stress, I would prefer to eat a lot as if I'm insane.

My mum just prepared the spaghetti actually.

But then I was quite mad.

I fried the nuggets and the little sausages and added the amount of spaghetti to the max. And, I fried harsh brown too~ woot. Nice~

Finally, I can say bye bye to my 2nd semester already.

Next week gonna start my 3rd semester.


I'm kind of scared with my calculus and moral class.

Hope somebody I know would be in the same class as me. ~


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