Friday, December 25, 2009

Hmmm. Eventually I went to service my car yesterday. I was supposed to send it to service when it reached 1000km last time.

But I deferred until the car meets its second service criteria whereby it has traveled for 5000km. woot~

By the way, we lost on the way to the Perodua Service center which is situated nearby Sri Sinar. --

Finally I got my car after waiting for 1 hour and didn't-know-how-many-minutes. Nearly 2 hours I think just because I forgot to make an appointment before we went there.

And yesterday was Christmas Eve and somebody decided to go to church.

Their performances.
And this was the gift that they gave. Anyway, it was kinda fragrant that it gave me a tell-tall sign that it was soap.......

Then fortunately we managed to 'escape' ourselves from the church. Next is Pavilion. ~
Everybody was partying there~! No regrets going there. This is KL's nightlife. ~

And met Miss Evon yesterday. What a great coincidence. lol

Lazy to write.

Photos will tell you everything.  

Oh ya, for the photo down here right. It has a brief story. These foreigners were trying to snapshot some photos by spraying the white white thingy, which I called bubbles--.

Then there it came a Malay guy and he sprayed the bubbles throughout their hairs. lol.

The funniest thing was the foreigners got pissed off and did 'an eye of an eye, a tooth for a tooth' thing to that Malay guy.

But apparently they lost. LOL =)

By the way. not to forget to mention our Taiwan eh 'pengyou' Jolin Tsai was there as well~

And when it reached 12am yesterday, all the people were spraying bubble crazily to the sky.

Yesterday was kind of fun. Fun was not because we sprayed people, but to avoid getting sprayed by people. lol

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