Monday, December 7, 2009

Well well well~

I'm bored of reading reading and reading.

So I decided to surf the net for a while and update blog.

Mid term is now 50% passed. Left 2 more to do which are Chemistry and Physics.


On Saturday, fetched Yen Torng to the exam hall as she didn't have the transport to go there.

And 2 of us were so nervous because still, the grammar stuffs are quite confusing.

For English. Basically, a credit is enough for me.~

And unfortunately I was in Mrs Cxxxx's area of charge.

I was so terrified to be there as her sense towards me was she will scold you in anyway she wanted. Of course, without credible evidence and supporting premises. haha.

And hopefully she won't mark my English paper. =)

For CTS. I don't know but just feel kinda regret why did I do bad for my mid-term. It may be a better score overall anyway.

The exam was. hmm... Ok ok gua I think --

and SEI LO!

I used point form to write my whole essay for moral dilemma question.

Really pray hard that the lecturer will accept the way I wrote it. It was correct basically. Just the matter I wrote it in point form, as what the textbook have shown.


Again, hopefully Mrs Cxxxx won't mark my paper. LOL.

On Wednesday I will have my Chemistry and Physics on Thursday.

And that's the end of my second semester! woot! Can't wait for it to come.

That's all for now. will update more on final after the exam.

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