Thursday, December 31, 2009

My summary for 2009

Yes. This post is about what I did in the year 2009.

Basically I will re-post my what I have said so far.

Anyway, it starts with a sad opening and that is, I went to NS and have my pity countdown for 2009 in the hostel there.... T.T





I went back from Sabah to KL temporarily to celebrate Chinese New Year, but hanging out with friends the most. ~




This was the moment whereby I cried like hell-- Though very ugly but still it's memorable.

And the next day was to get my spm result--



PBSM's gathering~ went to school with 9 daughters and mum.~ Not much event for this month because my hair had not fully grown yet.



Bought a new printer ~

Made my decision to study at HELP~

and I went for HELP's foundation orientation's night~ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Evon's and Pheoric's birthday~~~



My birthday~ LOL

Maggie's birthday~ LOL

Met with Babi Bel~

Day whereby it reached 2222km~


Hanging out with 3 felas~

Pui Teng's birthday~

My very very first professional haircut for this year~

Pei Wen's birthday~


New semester started. Turned back to be a science student~



Had bbq at Elaine's house~



My very very 1st time whereby my car kena shit like hell~0.0

HELP'S fire drill~

2 crazy people~

Gathering with 9 daughters and mum.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Went to Sunway Lagoon ~

Countdown for Christmas at Pavilion~

That's what I have done so far in year 2009. I might forget to mention some occasions as I just referred to the photos in my phone.

But I have a few things which are my very first time~

1. Went to Sabah.

2. Kissed a man's lips.

3. Hair got bald.

4. Bathed for 7 times a day.

5. Cried like hell because I missed my family so much.

6. Not going back to Ipoh for CNY.

7. Not studying for 5 months.

8. Driving my car to college.

9. Shit-ed at college. ahem. for a few times especially KPD.

10. Chill at outside till 2.xxam then only went home.

11. tried M16 shooting~

12. learned how 2 swim (though still will gt drown sometimes.)

13. Broke my record, in terms of food. :)

14. went countdown party~

15. stayed in a jungle.....

16. washed my clothes on my own.

17. kept driving though traffic light showed red colour.

18. car kena bird shit like hell--

19. Had class at college till 6.30pm.

20. got a new IC.

21. mixed all the chemical thingy in whatever way I like without the existence of Mr Goh~

22. wore T-shirt and long pants the most this year.

23. wore dress formally.

I think that's all GUA. lol.

Anyway, apparently 2009 was an unlucky year for me.

even the ending either zzz

I'm having running nose, sore throat and fever now. zzz

LOL. see? I'm such a dedicated blogger. !~

anyway, for any mistakes or sarcastic action I did which I didn't notice, sorry for that.

Just forgive me la k? LOL. So insincere.

Wish myself can be better in year 2010.


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  1. Hella when the freaking heck did u f*****g take my hecking b****** photo ?