Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh~ Jingle bell Jingle Bell~ Jingle all the way~

Yeah. Even though Christmas still, is not around the corner, but I used to hum this melody when I am happy~~! =)

Right, I'm done with my last 2 papers which were Chemistry and Physics.

Chemistry. err. I don't want to talk about it. That's all I can say~

Physics. wow. Mr Naj's ultimate revenge! LOL.

It was with no doubt freaking hard till I didn't even know which question should I start with and solve.

Seriously, that was really out of my expectation. Luckily I have already passed.

The final just so distinct with mid-term.

I feel that I'm pretty far from distinction.......... argh.... Mr Naj, Just spare me 23 marks / 40 marks can bo? LOL =)

But since I am finished with my final. Just forget about it la.......

Well, disaster before my final~

What's on the table: Books for sure, KFC snack plate, KFC cheezy wedges, Mc-D 2 fries, Mc-D burger, potato chips. woot~

By the way, they were my supper during final. Not every day la== But I am deserved to gain weight. Anyhow, I don't care.

I'm sick with CTS==== so many chapters to carry on. Last semester's student only got to to study 10 chapters whereas 12 chapters for us. zz

Anyway, it's all over~ Bye bye, my stressful second semester~

My Advanced English class.~

My chemistry class with bunch of smart students and our sarcastic lecturer, Mr Andrew haha and he is what you guys so called 'Ang-Mo' . Gonna miss him because he will be going to UCSI next semester.

If you would like to view more pictures you may go to my Facebook there. I will upload my photos soon.


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