Friday, December 18, 2009

Souper Bueoreng=-=


Tell you guys lo, these few days were super boring lo.

ROT TO DEATH SOOOOOOOOOOOOON LO --~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will be going to UCSI this Saturday to check out my chemical engineering course.

Afterward it will be a frantic shopping time for my friends but not me because I'm saving money for CNY sales~

And yeah, going to buy a laptop soon as I really really need it. Now I'm just considering whether to buy windows 7 lappy or vista or xp.

It's because windows 7 is not really that popular now but I believe it will later. Probably buying windows 7 lappy. ~

And I was kind of crazy with Happy Farm. Facebook's game.

I have updated my display picture right here and facebook. Anyway, they are just photos that I took during exam's time~

Just a random update. Nothing much to be said. ~

Finding ways to spend my time besides playing PS2--

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