Monday, December 14, 2009

hmm. Right, I went to education fair today at PWTC.

I decided to drive straight away to there rather than to wait for the 'never be punctual' train.

Ya. It was the moment whereby all my dreams started to bomb bomb pow.

I'm going to study chemical engineering, since I hate all the other engineering courses like mechanical and electrical and electronic because I get pissed off easily when I have to deal with the machine. K la, I'm a noob. --

So chemical engineering might be my best engineering choice.

Frankly speaking, I don't feel interested in anything. Perhaps a few such as culinary, gardening and mass communication.

Anyway, these are just dreams. Dreams don't mean that you can really survive on them.

Guess what? My friend, Bernard told me one thing.

He did tell everybody before that just go for your dream and for sure you can achieve it if you do like it very much.

And later on he found out that it was exactly wrong.

You like to treat people doesn't mean that you can be a successful doctor. There might be more brilliant doctor out there. Most importantly, do you have enough money to go for it, though I'm not planning to do medicine indeed.

You like to talk a lot like nobody's business doesn't mean that you can success in your mass communication career. There might be more professional speaker besides you.

You like culinary, gardening. But can they really help you to get a satisfied salary though you like them so much till words can't even tell? Obviously no except if you are a pro in it.

There is a boundary, a huge huge boundary, between reality and dream. They definitely can't be equalized.

Not only my parents but I either won't allow myself to approach these fields.

Anyway, I did look through some institutions today that do provide chemical engineering course.

For instance, University Technology Petronas (UTP), UniKL, University of Nottingham, Taylors and UCSI.

1. UTP
I did call them before and ask whether I can make a credit transfer to there. Their answers were YES.

However, it's a NO right now. That counselor said that they just offer chemical engineering course for their foundation's student but not others.

What the hell-- Last time can now can't. Grrrrrr,..........

So I insult them a bit.~

See the super nice free gift down here.

It's a star shape highlight pens.

These are the results:

You might wonder where's the red color. Oh well, It has no ink at all...

Bomb bomb pow! Yes, no more hope to this institution.

2. UniKL
They accept students from other colleges. But honestly, I am kinda racist I think. There are too many Malays there ......

So, bomb bomb pow!

3. University of Nottingham
They accept students from others colleges. But the main thing is I have to obtain excellent result to enroll in. Basically, I don't know their level of excellence.

Besides, using HELP's foundation result to apply for their high achievers scholarship will not be eligible.

Indirectly, it means I have to pay for RM34k for my 1st year degree program there that I completely have no idea whether I can get a chance to enter or not.

RM34k......... RM34k.........................................Argh........

Half Boom Boom Pow.

4. Taylors
Hmm. Taylors... It's an extremely expensive fees paid university for me. In addition, it doesn't really that well verse in chemical engineering I think. Fees is more or less the same as Nottingham.

There was a girl asking me whether I need any help. I said,' Can I have the fees guide?'

Girl : ' Har? FISH guide?' (Staring at me in a weird way)

I laughed..... It's definitely not my pronunciation problem anyhow == LOL

Well, for UCSI, they accept students from other colleges, as said by the cigarettes holding lecturer. The only problem is that their reputation is not really that good I think.

Moreover, within a few years, they will start to develop master program.

Basically I plan to continue my study until master level. The only problem is that I don't want my status to remain to be UCSI....

Well, if after I have completed my degree right there and they can provide me another better alternate to continue my master program, without any doubt, YOU'RE MINE, UCSI. haha

The fees are quite ok. But if there is no other way, I think probably I will go to UCSI... Plus it's nearer.

Some of you might say that HAR? UCSI wor. not good not good. (Sounds like writing argumentative essay)

But seriously, I have no other way to go. Takkan I start from A-Level or other PRE-U programs again?

Sigh. Can I really get my future from these brochures?

Overall summary:

No offense. I am kinda regret to study HELP's foundation. It's not because the program isn't well, but it's my problem of hesitating which way to go for.

If time could be reversed, I wish I can go for form 6 or A-Level. At least they are recognized by most of the institutions.

3 weeks. Can I really figure it out where do I want to go?

Sigh. Now only I realize that it's too late. =(

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